More than just a store, we built a space dedicated to discovering and listening to music.


Our store is located in the Condesa neighbourhood os Mexico City. In the same building where you can find our recording studio and the PYL workspace, we dedicated a room to a hand curated vinyl and CD collection.

Besides our own releases, the store's catalogue includes artists we have collaborated with and a few releases from other friendly labels. In other words, all records have a direct relation to Pedro y el Lobo.

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The store is designed to be a enjoyed while in contact with the music. You can listen to any vinyl in out turntable, while drinking a cup of coffee, or talking to anyone of us to get to know the stories behind each album first hand.

We want to re-define the experience of going to a record store. In stead of looking for music you know in a vasto collection, we want you to find new music from a purely indie selection. 

To visit our store, all you need to do is set up an appointment: