Pedro Y El Lobo fue fundado en el año 2010 por Diego Morales y Pablo Carvallo. El equipo pronto se convirtió en un grupo de amigos que buscábamos dar salida a la música que nos rodeaba. Sin más ambiciones que grabar canciones y compartirlas, comenzamos a jugar en el estudio y formar un colectivo.


The project grew naturally, finding collaborators in various cities around the world until it became the independent label it is today. Our roster is composed of a select group of artists with whom we work very closely. Their respective sounds create a small forest of acoustic and experimental textures that keeps us sane and gives us a sonic shelter from a noisy tumultuous city. 


Pedro y el Lobo is in touch with a wide spectrum of genres, but we have always been influenced by the simplicity and honest spirit of folk music. We understand the song as an end in itself. Since our first days of sharing albums on Bandcamp, and still now being home to some of our favourite artists, we have kept true to our vision of supporting the music we love without worrying of what comes after.


In these times when success is measured in terms of numbers of shares and plays, we are convinced that some of the best records out there are unknown to the vasto majority, but essential to a community. The gives direction to what we want to accomplish with every album we release: capturing fractions of a generation, create human connections, enjoy the process... to know that it exists and can be heard is a victory by itself.