Musical Production

Our philosophy


Music is why Pedro Y El Lobo exists. More than ten years ago we began recording our friends’ songs with the dream of establishing an independent label. Since then, we have produced countless sessions and perfected the sound and style that distinguishes us. Each day we improve the quality of our studio and recording process, while always maintaining the same original spirit of doing things for the love of music.

Record with us


Our studio is located in La Condesa neighbourhood in the heart of Mexico City. We analyse the needs of each project in order to offer custom made packages and find the right producer to achieve the sound that your album, EP or song needs. We also offer mixing, mastering, arrangements and musician services

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Renewal Juan Carlos Sardaneta 2021

A day in PYL 


“Un Día En PYL” is a mini-residence initiative to connect with the independent musical community  and open our space to collaborations based one hundred percent on artistic exchange. Once a month we give away a free studio day to a project selected by our team. Click on this link to tell us about your project and apply for the next available day.  

Made in PYL 


The list of names that have passed through our studio include Low Roar, Elsa y Elmar, Lázaro Cristóbal Comala, Tania Barbará, The Go Rounds, Jesse Beaman y Joaquín García. 

We are also very proud of our video series PYL Sessions, where we capture raw moments and stripped down versions of songs by some of our favourite artists. Take five minutes (or maybe an hour) to watch our playlists with sessions from Y La Bamba, Marisa Anderson, Aisha Burns, Rodes Rollins, and many more.